The Details Within

It’s almost impossible for me to walk past a flower without pausing to take a closer look at the details within. Hiking along the same paths will probably take me a lot shorter time in a couple of months or so when the flowers have all disappeared until spring.

This flower within a flower was happily blooming at Meadowbrook Nature Preserve in Valparaiso, Indiana.

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Flower of the Day

10 responses to “The Details Within”

  1. It’s good to admire those pretty flowers while we can!

    1. I know! They won’t be around much longer. 😊

  2. This is a wonderful photo for today 😀 😀

    1. Thanks, Cee. 😊

  3. You always see more when you take a closer look Pepper. My walks are slower now too but more interesting. Happy Tuesday. Allan

    1. So very true. 😉

    1. Thanks, Filipa 😊

    1. Thanks, Christine. 😊

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