What Lies Ahead

Beverly Shores Trails – Indiana Dunes National Park

Two scenes from the Indiana Dunes National Park trails. The one above was captured a few days ago and as you can see, it doesn’t quite look like spring yet. Below is a glimpse of what lies ahead. Vistas of green are soon to come throughout the National Park..

Chellberg Farm Trail – Indiana Dunes National Park

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7 responses to “What Lies Ahead”

  1. It’s amazing how different the landscape looks through the different seasons. But regardless of the time of the year, it still looks scenic.

    1. It sure is! One of the pluses to getting familiar with the same trails. 😊

  2. Looking forward to the waking up of nature!

    1. Me too! 😊

  3. What a difference between both fotos!🌳🌞🌷

    1. Just wait until we get the autumn colors and the trees seem to have a golden glow. 😊

      1. ☺️🖐️

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