Tousled vs. Immaculate

Here we have the battle of two sunrises over different vistas, the tousled vs immaculate landscapes. First is a foggy sunrise over the naturally ruffled prairie along the trails at Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve in Chesterton, Indiana.

The second image was taken at dawn at a golf course in Palm Springs, California. Having been in Palm Springs only in the winter, I have not experienced the extreme heat of summer in the desert. The landscapes on the golf course were impeccably manicured and beautiful.

Which do you prefer? Would you rather spend an early morning out on a lovely, immaculate golf course or on a more tousled trail at a nature preserve setting? There’s no right or wrong answer. Just wondering about personal preferences.

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27 responses to “Tousled vs. Immaculate”

  1. I would rather spend a morning in the tousled landscape!

    1. I am with you on that but if given another chance to visit Palm Springs, I’ll take it. 😊

  2. I like both 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    1. So pleased by that. Your comment is appreciated. 😊

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