Topsy-Turvy Spheres

Clear blue skies and bright morning sun produced rows of topsy-turvy spheres as dewdrops showed off tiny reflections of a world turned upside down.

Mornings have been cooler than normal which meant no hungry mosquitoes and that is always a plus. A three mile hike through the prairie and forests at Meadowbrook Nature Preserve only left me with soaked shoes and socks from the morning dew. So glad I remembered to put an extra pair of sneakers and socks in my car before I left home. Sometimes, I do think ahead about things like that and then the next day . . . I don’t. Oops!

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28 responses to “Topsy-Turvy Spheres”

  1. Beautiful!! Can feel their freshness

    1. Yay! Glad to hear that it came through the image. 🤔

  2. This is such a pretty picture with all the teeny tiny droplets of dew. I’ve been enjoying the cooler weather in the mornings too.

    1. Thank you. The rainy weather and cooler temperatures have been wonderful. 😊

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