Hello Sunshine!

Hello Sunshine! For me, a fun time starts by greeting the day out on the trails. This sunrise was etched across the Beverly Shores Trails – Indana Dunes National Park. The rest of the day did not disappoint and continued with warmth and full of sunshine.

10 responses to “Hello Sunshine!”

  1. Love the colour of the sun and how it lights up the morning sky. Great shot.

    1. Thanks. Gotta love sunrises. 😊

  2. Beautiful! Do you live near this park? We are slowly visiting the national parks. I didn’t have such an interest until we stopped at a couple after my husband retired (and we had time!). Now, we are incorporating them into every trip we take, if we can. Already planning our next trip! Indiana Dunes looks very beautiful!

    1. Yes, we live close enough that I am on one of the many trails several times a week. Great idea to visit as many national parks as you can. I love the Indiana Dunes. It is a great place for birders, especially during the spring and fall migration. Fall colors are also wonderful. 😊

  3. I totally agree with Mike, such a beautiful capture, sunrise highlighting the dark almost lacy branches of the trees, … ✨Penn✨

    1. Thanks! Yes, the sunrise made it special. 😊

  4. Beautifully taken photo, trees silhouetted by the sunrise. πŸ‘

    1. Thanks, Mike. It was a lovely morning. 😊

    1. Thanks, Christine. Have a wonderful day. 😊

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