Century of Progress Homes

One of five Century of Progress Homes built for the 1933 World’s Fair, this Wieboldt-Rostone House now stands along the Lake Michigan lakeshore at the Indiana Dunes National Park. These three images are the front side of the home facing the street.

Below is a view from the back side of the same Rostone House, overlooking Lake Michigan. Next door, along the beach is another one of the historic homes, the Florida Tropical House. (You won’t miss it if you drive by. It is pink, . . . very pink.) Directly across the street are three other Century of Progress Homes – the Armco Ferro House and the House of Tomorrow (no pics on this post).

Four of the five homes have been restored and are now private residences, Even though the homes are closed to the public, there is a parking lot within a short walking distance. With informative signs about each home posted along the street and interesting views, it is definitely worth the time to stop and take a short stroll. Set aside enough time kick your shoes off for a walk on the public beach on either side of these homes. Unless it is winter, of course! Lake Michigan does freeze solid most winters and it would not be very comfortable or safe.

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  1. Nice looks🌞

    1. I have always liked this house too. It would also be wonderful to live right on the beach. 😊

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