Hello and welcome to my HeavensSunshine site.  I am a hiker who loves the outdoors and carries a camera almost everywhere.  Without a camera in my hand, there's a chance that I might miss capturing a beautiful moment in life that so quickly disappears.
My unexpected journey in photography started in 2014, when I picked up my daughter's old point and shoot as I headed out to a trail.  Didn't take long to get hooked on hearing the sound of the shutter and quickly looking at the back of my camera to look at the tiny replica of God's incredible nature.  With that first click way back then, I had no idea what made a good photo.  A few hundred images later, I thought I was doing pretty darn good!  Now, I look through pics from even a day ago and I realize that there is still plenty of room for improvement.
My adventure while learning more about photography continues and you are invited to tag along through my galleries and also my blog that is updated almost daily. 
"My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe and my camera is my passport."
- Steve McCurry - 
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