Worth the Effort

Close to giving up on keeping indoor plants alive, I decided to give succulents a try. Neither the Moon Cactus above or the Old Man Cactus below seem to mind being forgotten for a couple of weeks at a time and are blooming in spite of me. I could try to tell you that it was worth the the effort of all my hard work but that would not be true at all. Please don’t tell these cacti that I don’t have a green thumb at all.

Day 57 of 365

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6 responses to “Worth the Effort”

  1. They seem to love you and your location! My husband and I were talking about the poinsettia that is still alive on my kitchen counter (it has to sit there so I remember to water it lol). It’s sending out new shoots and flowers. I told him I guess I need to find a pot and transplant it. Can’t believe it’s still alive! 😂

    1. Good for you! Poinsettas are not easy to keep alive. My cacti have definitely survived on neglect and being left in front of a window with lots of sunlight. 😉

  2. Succulents are fantastic and do even better with neglect

    1. I finally found something I succeed at. Neglect! 😂

  3. Cacti and succulents are good for those of us who want plants that thrive on neglect, lol. I have an old man cactus and it has never bloomed, so you must be doing something right!

    1. I’d love to be able to tell you what I did right but I haven’t got a clue. Maybe that’s it! I pretty much forgot it until I didn’t. 🤪

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