Where Would You Go?

Contrasting landscapes from the desert of Palm Springs, California above to the snowy mountains of Laramie, Wyoming below.

Last, overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the island of Maui. If you could have your choice of one of these three places to visit, where would you go? Let’s say it is an adventure at no cost to you, which spot would you pick?

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17 responses to “Where Would You Go?”

  1. Maui in a heartbeat. We went a few years ago and fell in love with the scenery. It’s amazing how different the landscape looks depending on where you are on the island.

    1. Maui is at the top of my list as well. I would love to live there. 😁

      1. Same! There’s a nice balance between water and land based activities. Plus the weather is so pleasant.

        1. Exactly! 😁

  2. Maui, without a doubt! 😀

    1. Maui is in front as expected. 😊

  3. Tough one but likely Maui, winter has been too long here to want more snow😊 Maggie

    1. It is not an easy choice for me either, Maggie. All three are some of my favorite places I have been to but I am with you. If I had to pick just one, it’d have to be Maui. 😊

  4. Probably Wyoming. I’m a mountain girl at heart.

    1. I love the mountains of Wyoming too. I’ve only spent time in the Saratoga area of Wyoming and along the Colorado border but would enjoy exploring much more of that state. 😊

  5. The sea at Maui. It has been a while since we were there. Happy Tuesday Pepper. Allan

    1. I am with you on this one! If I could move to Maui forever, I’d start packing right this second. 😁 Have a wonderful week.

  6. This desert was a great site to see. Thanks Anita

    1. I have only been to Palm Springs in January and it was wonderful. I would love to go back. 😊

  7. Today I would prefer the last way: To the See. Next time perhaps one of the other ways.🌅

    1. That is where I would go too. Meet you there! 😊

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