What a Difference!

What a difference four days can make! Went back to check on the conditions along the shores of Lake Michigan These two photos were captured from the exact spots as a previous post “It Was Brrr Cold” on Lakeview Beach – Indiana Dunes National Park. Do you notice any variations between the photos on both posts taken four days apart?

Day 36 of 365

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10 responses to “What a Difference!”

  1. It’s crazy how the sun can make such a huge difference on the appearance of the landscape.

    1. It sure does make a difference. It is also helping melt the buildup of ice along the beach. 😁

  2. The both look frigid cold to me!! I’m a wimp if it gets below 40

    1. No, not a wimp at all. It is all a matter of what a person is used to. 😉

  3. Building up! 🙂

    1. It was building up but it was up above freezing today and beautiful sunshine. Warmer temps forecasted all week so I think it’ll melt fairly quickly. 😊

  4. Difference or not, you wouldn’t catch me anywhere NEAR a place this cold Pepper LOL!! Here’s to the heartier among us out there capturing the images !😊

    1. I am such a martyr being out in the cold! 😂 Just kidding. I truly enjoy being out for short periods of time in the cold of winter. I grew up and lived for so many years in Texas where we didn’t experience the four seasons. We are also getting closer to that age of thinking of making a move away from the cold. That is driving me to spend as much time enjoying and taking pictures of the whiteness.

  5. Wow! The ice is building up!!

    1. It sure was yesterday morning before it warmed up through the day. This morning, it is above freezing and we have another bright sunny day. I have pictures from past years where Lake Michigan is frozen solid as far as the eye can see in February. Not sure it will freeze that much this year. We will see. 😊

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