Warmth in the Garden

Feel the warmth in the garden brimming from the tropical plumeria or frangipani. This one happened to be happily blooming in Maui.

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11 responses to “Warmth in the Garden”

  1. I love the scent of plumeria! Nice picture.

    1. Me too and thanks. 😊

  2. Very pretty. I’m starting to see some spring shoots coming up in the garden.

    1. That’s exciting! Our daffodils and tulips have popped up too. Looking forward to the blooms. 😊

  3. Lovely !!!

    1. Thanks! 😊

  4. Wonderful flowers!

    1. They are one of my favorites. Thinking about trying to grow one indoors. 😊

  5. ❀️🌺

    1. Thanks, Christine. Have a wonderful week. 😊

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