The Mountains Are Calling

Grand Encampment, Wyoming

Looking back through pics from my trips to Wyoming in October and November left me missing the beautiful landscapes. It almost seems as if the mountains are calling my name. According to my hubby, everything is now covered in snow, with a few inches in the lower elevations and a few feet up in the peaks of the mountains. Thinking I need to get back there to see it for myself and to get some comparison pics, of course! Do you agree?

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7 responses to “The Mountains Are Calling”

  1. I don’t know… it gets awfully cold out there! 🙂 I just returned from Tahoe where in just one night, they got 2-4′ of snow, depending on elevation. Mt. Rose got 5′! I’m glad it was a short visit!

    1. I completely understand. My hubby keeps reminding me about how cold it gets in Wyoming and the wind is constantly blowing. There was one day while we were there last month that there was not even a breeze and that is what everyone who lived there seemed to be talking about. 😨

  2. It’s hard to ignore the mountains when they are calling!

    1. Oh, I know! My foot is halfway out the door already. 😂

  3. Definitely, I agree. My husband and I took a group of teens into Wyoming one year. It is beautiful. I know I would enjoy your pictures. Do I see a Christmas vacation in the works?

    1. Christmas in Wyoming would be wonderful but I highly doubt I’ll get there again this year. Most of my trips are unplanned on my part. I just get a chance to tag along with my hubby occasionally. Wherever I end up, it is always fun. 😊

      1. Sounds like fun.

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