Radiance of Sunshine

Moraine Nature Preserve

Radiance of Sunshine – Day 43 of 365

Silent Sunday

10 responses to “Radiance of Sunshine”

  1. A nice bright scene! I like the shadows on the ice.

    1. Gotta love the sunshine and shadows. 😁

  2. Increasing in intensity daily!

    1. It sure is and I am loving it. 😀

  3. It looks cold, the glowing leaves gives a nice warmth to the scene!

    1. Your comment is appreciated, Donna. Some would probably see the leaves as a distraction but I like the contrast. For some reason, comments don’t seem to pop up right way. There must be a WP goblin grabbing them and then tossing them back out again. 😂

    1. Thank you, Filipa. 😊

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