Patient and Still

Moving across several states in different parts of the country over the years has taught me quite a lot. For one thing, I’ve learned to appreciate the weather changes through four distinct seasons, Having said that, I look forward to settling down in a location full of sunshine, with temperatures between 60 -75° Fahrenheit on most days, and flowers blooming and bees buzzing about year round. Sounds ideal for a macro photographer, doesn’t it?

Is there such a place? Is it conceivable to find a corner of the world with my favorite type of weather to call our next home? The idea is thrilling but we’ll just have to wait and see what God has planned. I am positive His intentions are much better than anything I can think of.

This is me, trying to be patient and still while dreaming.

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17 responses to “Patient and Still”

  1. That’s my ideal temperature range too. I can’t stand the extreme cold or the heat, especially as I get older.

    1. It would be great to live in those temps most of the time and visit the cold and heat occasionally. 😁

  2. Wonderful: These “dreeming” flowers! 🙏💗
    And for yourself I hope to find a nice place.🌞🍀

    1. A wonderful description of the flowers, Gisela. As for us, we are just in the beginning stages of planning for a move. This will be the first one that is not determined by a job that we are headed to and with a limited time to get there. 😊

  3. Just beautiful!

    1. Thanks! 😁

  4. Beautiful beautiful! I often dream of a simple shack on a lovely tropical beach 😊🌴🐚

    1. I would love that too! 😊

  5. I’ve heard Hawaii fits that temp range, but it is expensive and VERY far away!

    1. Oh, i know! Maui has been at the top of my list since our first time there. I love the location, weather, and the people there so very much. I’ve even told my hubby that I’d be happy setting up a tent on the beach and call it home. He laughed out loud. I wonder why? 😂

  6. It’s a good dream, Irene, and lovely photos.

    1. Thanks, Jo. Have a great week. 😊

  7. Sounds perfect to me too. And stunning photos.

    1. Thanks! I’ll meet you there, wherever that perfect place happens to be. 😂

      1. Yes, Please!!!

        1. 😊👍

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