Over the Edge

Do you see it? A tiny ant, walking along the fringe of a petal with one leg over the edge. It obviously has a lot better balance than I do. Gravity usually overtakes me whenever I am on the verge of tottering.

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8 responses to “Over the Edge”

  1. We’re not the only ones drawn to a beautiful flower! I don’t have the greatest balance either, it’s actually something that I’ve been trying to work on.

    1. Balance is one thing that I really have to slow myself down and think about. 😉

    1. So glad you enjoyed the image, FIlipa. 😊

  2. Wonderful macro!!

    1. Thanks, Nora. 😊

  3. Like a dream, so beautiful!

    1. Thank you. The sunshine helped quite a bit by providing just the right amount of shadows for a dreamy effect. 😁

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