Never Before Seen

Wispy Umbrella Orchid

While strolling around Chicago’s Lincoln Park Conservatory this past weekend, we came across this never before seen by me orchid. It was tagged as genus – Bulbophyllum and species – Bulbophyllum gracillimum (Rolfe). A very knowledgeable volunteer informed me that it’s common and much easier name to remember is a wispy umbrella orchid. It is a bunch of miniature orchids forming an amazing larger and spidery looking blossom. Interesting looking, isn’t it? I’ll be on the lookout for more of these for sure.

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16 responses to “Never Before Seen”

    1. It is that for sure! Incredible how tiny each little blossom is and each one still looks like an orchid individually. 😁

  1. I’ve never seen an orchid like this before either. It looks pretty neat.

    1. I almost completely missed it hidden by the larger flowers. Made me wonder how many times I have walked right past one at orchid shows. πŸ€”

  2. Wow, what a beautiful orchid!

    1. It definitely caught my attention. So glad you liked it too. 😊

  3. More animal than plant! πŸ™‚

    1. A spider playing an April’s Fools joke on everyone by pretending to be an orchid, maybe? If I came across this on a hike, I would not think it was an orchid at first glance. 😁

  4. A very interesting umbrella orchid. It looked to me first as a Qualle (german) with long arms, swimming in the sea.

    1. Yes! It sure does look like a jellyfish. (I now know three German words!) 😁

      1. A jellyfisch? A “Qualle” has long arms, and its poison “brennt”(deutsch).πŸͺΌ

        1. Yes, I think qualle is a jellyfish in English. Here’s a link to a pic I found on the National Geographic site. Is it the same thing that you were thinking of? I could be completely wrong.

          1. Oh, and a jellyfish has poison that stings or burns (brennt). 😊

          2. Thank You. That is a very beautifull jellyfisch!πŸͺΌ

            1. Yay! Glad we figured that out. 😊

              1. Yay! ☺️

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