Moments of Solitude

Being an extreme introvert, moments of solitude and alone time are a must for me. It is probably of the main reason that I enjoy early morning hikes while photographing in the quietness of the day.

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Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #238 – Alone Time

36 responses to “Moments of Solitude”

  1. Beautiful images this week Pepper – I especially loved the flower. I agree early mornings and photography are a marvelous time to be alone – but also a marvelous time to share with a like-minded friend!

    1. Thanks and you are so right, Tina. Sharing time out on the trails with a like minded friend is the best time ever.

  2. Beautiful.

    1. Thanks, John.

  3. I believe that most people enjoy a certain amount of solitude, but it varies a lot how much they like. I think I like a little more solitude than the average person. The photos are lovely, Pepper. <3

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. I agree with you that we all need a bit of alone time at some point. 😉

  4. The finch is stunning!!

    1. He was a very cooperative model. 😁

  5. Love your examples and nothing like watching Sunrise.

    1. Thanks and I agree. 😁

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