Meandering Along the Trail

My happy place is a summer morning spent meandering along the trails.

Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve – Chesterton, Indiana

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13 responses to “Meandering Along the Trail”

  1. I can see why that is your happy place and I can totally relate!

    1. I knew you’d understand. 😁

  2. Inviting yet mysterious. Love that trail photo.

    1. That is a perfect description of so many trails. 😉 Thanks for commenting.

  3. Peaceful and beautiful…

    1. It is definitely both and the summer has been so pleasant this year. 😊

  4. One day I am going to get there. So beautiful.

    1. I would love that! It would be so fun to show you around. 😊

  5. I can see why! ❤️

    1. Yay! It is hard to come indoors sometimes. 😁

  6. 👌👌👌📷🤗 Have You a wonderful day dear sister ☀️📷🌹

    1. Thanks, Mic. 😊

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