Layer Upon Layer of Chocolate

No, it’s not layer upon layer of chocolate! Chocolate was my husband’s guess but he was wrong so that’s your first hint.. Do you know what this is? Second hint – these are both macro shots.

I will try to hold back from responding right away to comments on this one. Where’s the fun in guessing if I give away the answer away too quickly, right?

Day 14 of 365

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27 responses to “Layer Upon Layer of Chocolate”

  1. Looks so pretty that it could totally be chocolate. Or a candle. I see in the comments that it’s a spruce cone. Nice shots.

    1. A candle! I hadn’t thought of that but now I see that clearly. 😁

  2. I think it’s a combination of beautiful macro photography, and a pine cone 🙂

    1. I thought it was a pine cone too, Phil. Thanks to Eliza’s comment below, I now know that it is a spruce cone. I checked it out and she is absolutely right. 😊

      1. 💡 Aha 🤔

  3. A pine cone or a cone of another kind. Great shot Pepper!

    1. It is a spruce cone. My guess would have been a pine cone so I would have been wrong. 😊

  4. Spruce cone, a red squirrel might see it as a treat!

    1. Thank you, thank you, Eliza. I had no idea there was a difference between a pine cone and spruce cone. Love learning something new through blogging. 😊

      1. 🙂 Glad to oblige.

  5. Anyone expecting chocolate from that cone may have been in for a surprise. Happy Saturday Pepper. Allan

    1. You are right about that. 😂

  6. Pine cone 🤔

    1. Not saying a word . . . . . . yet! 😁

    2. That is exactly what I thought it was as well. Eliza commented that it is a spruce cone and she is so right. She definitely knows her plants and trees much better than I do. 😊

      1. I tend to use pine cone as a catch-all; but looking closer, Eliza is spot on 😃

        1. I had not even thought about there being a difference and have just put all cones in one basket up to now. 😊

  7. A pine cone is what I think. : )

    1. Lily, a pine cone is also what I thought it was until Eliza commented that it is a spruce cone. I looked it up and sure enough, that is exactly what it is. I always thought a pine cone was a pine cone. Who knew? 😁

      1. Ohh I didn’t know either.. I thought so too; a pine cone a pine cone… Cool, 😊

        1. Is there any way to comment on your b&w posts on blogspot without signing in with Google? You have some wonderful pics on there.

          1. I’m not sure but I’ll check my settings and see if I can change it anyone can comment. Thanks so much for checking out my photos. (´。• ◡ •。`)

          2. Thank you Pepper! (´。• ◡ •。`) 🌸 Have a wonderful week!

            1. You too. 😊

  8. If that had been chocolate, I would have munched it all by myself 🙂

    1. Nope because I would have gotten to it first. 😂

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