Launch to Adventure

A launch to adventure
may take on different
modes of transportation.

Which one would you choose?
A boat, airplane, or feet?

“Walking is the only form
of transportation
in which a man proceeds erect
on his own legs,
under his own power.
There is immense satisfaction
in that.”

– Edward Abbey

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12 responses to “Launch to Adventure”

  1. Walking is my first priority, unless the destination is far away.
    Then comes the airplane.

    1. I agree with you completely, Hammad. 😁

  2. Love this. I feel like I would choose all modes…boat or plane too simply get me to my destination but then I’d choose feet so I can take my time, soak in what’s around me.

    1. My thoughts exactly, Kirstin. I’ll use any mode to get me across miles of land and water the quickest. Then, my feet take over to get in even closer. Have a wonderful week. 😊

  3. Hi Pepper, I’m partial to my feet. Even if I travel by boat or train or plane, I have to walk around. Once we arrive at our destination, we can’t truly see things up close if we don’t get out and walk. I treasure my ability to walk.

  4. Love this post, thought provoking! Hmmmm….hard choice….each can lead to amazing destinations! But by far, to be with nature, walking is the quickest, the easiest, the cheapest, and so very good for our health and soul! But I do love boating the Chesapeake Bay and want to go to Hawaii!! 😉

    1. My thoughts exactly! I’ll take a boat, helicopter, airplane of any size, or even a bicycle ride anywhere but then I am off on the trails. My own two feet get me even closer to the fun.

  5. Nothing beats walking in nature with my two dogs, especially now that it’s spring 🥰🌾🌞

    1. I agree with you, Anita. I love getting a chance tag along with my hubby on his flights but then I am off to find a new trail to hike.

  6. 👌👌👌📷❤ my choice is boat😘🌞🌹

    1. I enjoy boats too. It’d be fun to take on out on Lake Michigan, I think.

      1. 👌👍👍👍💖⛵

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