It Was Brrrr Cold

With 8°F and a bit of wind, it was brrr cold out on the shores of Lake Michigan first thing yesterday morning. The sun finally won over the clouds and we ended up having an entire day full of sunshine. Happiness!

Day 32 of 365

Both photos were taken from Lakeview Beach – Indiana Dunes National Park.

All photos are my own. ©Pepper Tron/Heaven’s Sunshine
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21 responses to “It Was Brrrr Cold”

  1. It does look cold! Lovely shot. We just had video footage on the news yesterday showing the icy waves crashing onto the shoreline and along a pier on Lake Michigan. It was beautiful in motion!

    1. The icy waves are incredible. I’ve never tried doing a video but maybe I should sometime. 😊

  2. Beautiful pictures but so cold. We’ve had some of that weather even in So. Illinois. Today we are getting a little sunshine and warm up. But yesterday, with no rain all day, I drove home and spotted vertical rainbow. I’d never seen one before. It certainly brightened my day.

    1. A vertical rainbow? I have never heard of one but it makes sense that it is possible. Now I will be on the lookout for one. 😊

      1. I have to wonder if part was hidden behind a few dark clouds? But I couldn’t see any sign of that.

  3. It even looks cold from your pictures!! It’s supposed to warm-up for us next week.

    1. Good! It is warmer here this morning too. Still below freezing but not in the single digits and lots and lots of bright sunshine. Happiness! 😊

  4. Brrr, indeed! I’m surprised you didn’t get frostbit!

    1. I’ve gotten pretty good at layering to stay warm. The only part of me that really suffers are my fingertips. Layering gloves and working the buttons on my camera does not work. I end up having to put my camera away and sticking my hands in my pockets way too often. Miss a lot of shots that way but my hands survive the cold. 😊

  5. We’ve been cold this week for us. I bet you are much colder 😀 😀

    1. Possibly. 😁 I’ve learned from living in different parts of the country that cold is a matter of perspective. Growing up in Texas, I used to think that 40°F was absolutely freezing and schools should be closed! Then we moved to the ski area of Colorado where our second month there, it got down to -24°F. Our friends there teased me all winter long about how slow Texans drove on the snow covered mountains. 😂

  6. Two beautiful scenes, even if it is freezing out there. Well done!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the pics. 😊

  7. What a lovely light I see in your photos!! It doesn’t look that cold. Here in Cyprus we have freezing cold today, typical for the first of February, the coolest month of the year. Right now we have 6 degrees °C but that’s warm comparing to -13.33°C which is similar to 8°F 😁⛄️

    1. The sunshine really helps it feel and look much warmer. Lake Michigan is usually frozen solid by now so it has been warmer than normal for us as well. Cyprus is on my bucket list of places to get to. I really want to see it but maybe not in the wintertime. 😊

      1. The best time to visit Cyprus I think is in spring, before the heat during July, August.

        1. I will keep that in mind. Thanks. 😊

  8. I have been watching a lovely sunrise outside my window this morning. Your stunning photos leave me in awe of you braving the winter cold, Pepper! <3

    1. Happy that you were able to enjoy a lovely sunrise this morning, Don’t be too impressed with me, Cheryl. I don’t do well staying indoors for too many days in a row in the winter. Both yesterday and today with temps in the single digits and ice on the trails, I don’t venture quite as far away from my car. I stay outdoors just until my fingertips start to hurt from the cold. Then, I head back to the warmth of my car for a little while. I repeat that process until I’ve had enough or run out of time. Sunshine makes the whole day seem much better. 😉

  9. Yikes, it does look very very cold! Thank goodness the sun decided to stay out and play all day.

    1. After weeks of gray days, I am so grateful for the sunshine. It is a tad colder this morning but the sunrise should make a grand entrance in a couple of hours. Yippee! 😊

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