Honolulu in Silhouette

Sunset in Honolulu

Remembering watching the sun go down over the Pacific Ocean back in June of 2019. Even Covid did not affect the beauty of Honolulu in silhouette.

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6 responses to “Honolulu in Silhouette”

  1. Stunning. I’d love to go back and explore more of Hawaii.

    1. Me too! I’d love to explore Kauai. I’ve never been there but my hubby has. Maybe one day. . . . 🤔

      1. I’ve only ever been to Maui, so there is plenty of Hawaii left for me to explore. Hopefully one day.

    1. Thanks, Filipa. You would enjoy Honolulu. 😊

      1. Oh, I’m sure I would, Pepper! ☀️

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