Helicopter Seed Pods

Helicopter seed pods, also known as whirligigs and samaras are actually maple tree seeds under a covering.

Full disclosureDo not expect to see one of these pictured above growing in your garden at any time after planting. Just saying . . . . .

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11 responses to “Helicopter Seed Pods”

  1. We have a beautiful maple tree in our backyard, but let me tell you, it is annoying cleaning up all those helicopter seed pods in my garden!

    1. Oh, I know! We have three large maple trees in our backyard that I love. The downside is that I haven’t been diligent about keeping those seed pods out of our flowerbeds the last couple of years. We have maple trees popping up everywhere and trying to take over. I need to get out there and deal with it very soon.

      1. Something for me to look forward to in a couple of months!

        1. Feel free to enjoy clearing my seed pods as well. 😂

  2. With 3 syllables and a nice sound, [samara] may find uses in poetry.  Thanks for introducing me to a new word.  I had already used the common 5-syllable phrase a few times, as in

    *Seize the Breeze*
             Helicopter seeds
             fall from maples and travel
             far enough, this once.

    1. Nice one! I can’t wait to see what lovely poetry you come up with. 😊

  3. Beautiful!!🙋

    1. Thanks, Gisela. Spotted these seed pods in my backyard yesterday. 😁

      1. The tree is called “Ahornbaum”.🙋

        1. Yay! Now I know two words in German. The first is “morgen”. Thank you very much, Gisela. 😉

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