First Buds

Day 53 of 365

Spring’s first buds that appear in my back yard are usually on our magnolia tree and they have made their appearance once again. Soon they will slowly open into fullness as in the two blooms above from previous years.

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29 responses to “First Buds”

  1. These compositions and the details are stunning, Pepper! 😊 I’m enjoying catching up with your posts, I didn’t want to miss any. I am so far behind with everything, when I think I can’t get any busier, I do. lol For most part, it’s all good! 😊

    1. I so appreciate you taking time to comment when I know you are super busy. Always glad to see you drop by. 😊

  2. Magnolia are always early, aren’t they? Already in full bloom here. I love the dark pink ones.

    1. Yes, they are usually our first sign that spring is close. It’ll still be awhile before they are in full bloom here but I am so happy to see some buds. 😊

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