Colors of Winter

Started out my day at the RItchie Nature Preserve in Chesterton, Indiana yesterday. After looking out at the trails, I knew that it was going to be a macro morning. It was another gray day but with just enough light to bring out the colors of winter still left on the trees. Too lazy to change lenses, I decided to keep one lens on my camera for capturing leaves up close as well as a landscape shot or two.

Day 22 of 365

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Lens Artists Challenge #233: A One Lens Walk

27 responses to “Colors of Winter”

  1. In the buds of today are the green leaves and the flowers of tomorrow! Very hopeful photos, Pepper!

    1. Yay! I am glad it came through as a positive post. 😊

  2. Goes to show that you can still find colour in the forest even in the winter. Lovely shots.

    1. I am so grateful for the beauty of beech trees even in the winter. 😊

  3. Cool and brisk in your neck of the woods for sure. Winter teaches us patience and your photos send those impressions to me anyway…

    1. Yes, it does and I’ve learned patience. Really I have. If spring got here today that would be fine with me. Now would be very, very good. . . . . . . Guess I need more work on that patience thing. 😁

      1. Hahaha. Meanwhile I am in the car heading to see the new fallen snow in Sedona.

        1. Oh, I am sure that is beautiful. 😊

          1. Heading home. Breathtaking.

  4. I do not know my trees but always love during this time of year seeing the trees with those light leaves that seem to color the forest when they are present, maybe more so on a light cloudy day than in sunshine. Nice!

    1. They sure do brighten things up. Eliza mentioned in her comment that they are beech trees. I know we have a lot of beech trees in the area. I am probably even worse at knowing the names of different trees than birds but I am working on both. 😏

  5. Lovely winter series Pepper! And all shot with a macro lens!!

    1. Thanks. My macro is one of my two favorite lenses because of its versatility. 😊

  6. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks. There is beauty out there even in winter. 😊

  7. I love the way beech leaves light up a winter forest!

    1. I was wondering if that’s what they were. I love them too. 😊

  8. You chose the perfect lens for your leaf-catching Pepper. Looks like you had the perfect day!

    1. Thanks, Tina. It was a lovely day for a macro lens. 😊

  9. Lovely photos of the leaves! The soft clean background highlights them very nicely.

    1. Thanks, Anita. This spot is one of my favorite place for short hikes. Glad you enjoyed the leaves. 😊

  10. Beautiful picture! πŸ€ŽπŸ‚ Happy Sunday Pepper! 😊

    1. Thanks, Filipa. I hope the sun is shining brightly in your part of the world. 😊

      1. It is Pepper! β€οΈβ˜€οΈ And it warms my heart.

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