Colorful Wispiness

Pansies are showing off their colorful wispiness at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

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14 responses to “Colorful Wispiness”

  1. One nation’s pansies, another’s (Germany’s) “little stepmothers”. 😄

    1. That is too funny and I had no idea! Now I have to ask, why are they called “little stepmothers”? 😁

      1. It’s not totally clear where the name “Stiefmütterchen” comes from. It’s the official name, always has been and people don’t think about the meaning, it’s just a name. The explanation normally given (if the question is called at all) is because these pansies all have overlapping petals, the large petal at the bottom is called the mother and the two side petals, which lie underneath the large bottom one, are called the stepdaugthers.

        1. Interesting. I wonder if someone has made up an amusing or whimsical explanation. 😁

  2. You captured the sweetness of pansies well here, Pepper.

    1. Thanks, Jet. Pansies are one thing I look forward to at this time of the year. 😊

  3. So colourful and delicate

    1. Yes, the perfect combination. Pansies are delightful. 😊

    1. Have a wonderful day, Filipa. 😊

  4. Lovely Pansies!☺️

    1. I agree that pansies are lovely. They always look so happy. Have a wonderful day, Gisela. 😊

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