Chicago’s Iconic Curve

When I saw that Cee’s Black & White Challenge for this week was Circles and Curves, I instantly thought of Chicago’s well-known and iconic curve – The Bean. Although it is officially named the Cloud Gate by artist Anish Kapoor, most of us just refer to it as The Bean. What else could it possibly be than a large, beautiful bean? This wonderful sculpture can be seen at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago.

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17 responses to “Chicago’s Iconic Curve”

  1. This is very fitting for this week’s challenge of circles and curves. I’ve bean to the bean before many many years ago.

    1. Glad you got to see the Bean for yourself. 😊

  2. Wow!! What an amazing sculpture!! A great photo in b&w.

    1. Oh, it is magnet for photographers especially on a clear day with blue skies. The reflections from all angles are amazing. This happened to be a very cloudy morning so it seemed to work well for a b&w shot. 😊

  3. I never knew of the bean until your blog, Pepper! 🙂 Very cool and photogenic in so many ways. How you were able to get this shot with no people around it amazes me!!

    1. I love the bean and I photograph it every single time we take the train into Chicago. It may be my most photographed single subject. 😂 This was taken one time that we intentionally spent a weekend in downtown Chicago just to wander around from place to place. It was a cloudy Saturday morning right before sunrise. Not many people are as crazy as me to be out in downtown Chicago on a cloudy Saturday morning with a chance of rain, just to get another picture. I’ve been there at other times at sunrise to get a pic of the reflection on the bean of the sun rising. There were a few other photographers on those days, standing right in the middle of my shot. Oy! 🙄

    1. Yes it is and an attention getter for photographers. 😁

      1. For sure! So simple and interesting.

  4. We haven’t been back to Chicago since the bean was put up, but it would be fun to see it in person. I heard that many people disliked it when it first appeared, but now everybody seems to be a fan.

    1. Wow! I was not aware of that. We moved here sometime after that. It is usually a stopping point whenever we take the train into Chicago. 😊

      1. It looks like a very fun sculpture and I hope I get to see it with my own eyes one of these days.

        1. I hope you do too. 😊

    1. Hehe! Yes, indeed. 😁

  5. This is perfect for this week 😀 😀

    1. So glad you like it. 😊

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