Bird of Paradise

Since I have only seen Bird of Paradise flowers in conservatories or outdoors on our trips to Maui, I assumed they were native to Hawaii. I could not have been more wrong! Also known as a “crane flower”, the Bird of Paradise is native to South Africa.

Oh, the learning is never ending, especially in today’s world of the internet.

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27 responses to “Bird of Paradise”

  1. I’ve never seen one of these before. What a vibrant and beautiful flower.

    1. We actually had one of these growing in our front yard when we lived in Houston, Texas many years ago. I didn’t realize how special it was at the time. 😏

  2. I did not know they were from south africa – wow
    and your photos of this beautiful flower is wonderful –
    did you know there is a “bird of paradise” yoga pose? I can do it “medium good” and I am trying
    to do it better – but you bind in warrior 2 and then lift the leg to stand up….

    1. Thank you. I am not familiar with yoga poses but that one sounds difficult. Is it hard to do? 😊

      1. well it is not really that hard – but it requires being limber enough to lift the leg from a bind – if that makes sense – it also requires some “conditioning” with balance (and core strength) because the standing leg will be holding one up as the leg lifts.
        and when I stopped doing yoga regularly – I tried to show someone the “bird of paradise pose” and could only do it on one side and I came out of it real quick like.
        So that reminded me we need to practice – I am still working on getting back into conditioned shape with various poses- but it is all about enjoyment and not outcomes – 🙂

      2. **even though some outcomes unfold naturally – like getting stronger and lifting. into a pose with ease – 🙂

        1. Seems like a wonderful way to stay limber and fit. I might have to look into it. 😊

          1. Yes – if you try yoga – remember that teachers are all over the place with their approach and I seriously advise people to try 20 different teachers so they can get a feel for what they order
            Or more!
            If you want try online – check yoga with Adrienne on YouTube – she is pretty good and has great things for starting and there is a reason why she has such a huge following
            And for me –
            It was Adrienne Reed (a different Adrienne) from Tampa FL who had short shows on a channel called discovery fit and health- and it was finally the kind of yoga that I could do and that I liked

            1. Thanks for your helpful advice and suggestions. 😊

              1. ☀️😊🙏

  3. So exotic and pretty!

    1. Thanks! They catch my attention every time I see one. 😊

  4. Isn’t it fun to learn something interesting about something you photographed? Beautiful photos!

    1. It sure is! It is amazing to me how often I can assume one thing and be completely wrong. 😉

  5. So exotic and beautiful!

    1. Thanks! They are beautiful flower, for sure. 😊

  6. Lovely photos of this exotic beauty, Pepper. Your second photo captures the “bird” very well.

    1. Thanks, Jet. Once the blossoms open up, it really does resemble a colorful bird. 😊

  7. Oh I love these flowers Pepper! 💙🧡 I’ve seen a lot in Madeira island. Happy Easter! 🐣💝🐰🌸

    1. They are wonderful and I wish they would grow here. 😊

  8. I always thought Hawaii as well. Beautiful.

    1. It is! I have always thought that it must be the closest thing to Eden. 😉

  9. A beauty of a flower!

    1. It sure is. 😊

  10. These flowers are really looking like Paradise Birds! Beautiful!🌷🦜💐

    1. I thought you would like the flowers. 😁

      1. Yes I Like them. Thank You.☺️

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