Beauty in the Mundane

On a quest to find beauty in the mundane or everyday things that are all around us. What caught your eye today?

All photos are my own. ©Pepper Tron/Heaven’s Sunshine
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Ragtag Daily Prompt – Quest

27 responses to “Beauty in the Mundane”

  1. Loved the fern frond in particular!

    1. That one is my favorite too. 😊

  2. If you look closely, there’s always beauty in the mundane! It surprises me each time. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Yes, there is. I need the reminder every once in awhile too, especially in the winter. 😉

      1. Agree! Especially in the winter, it’s a bit harder to see but they’re there if you look deeper.

  3. The Fern caught my eye! So delicate and pretty.

    1. An unfurling fern always catches my eye too! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. 😊

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