A Story Without Words

To my delight, our granddaughter loves books. Her first books were picture books with illustrations or images without words. Now that she is 3 and half years old (that half of a year is extremely important to her so don’t miss it), she enjoys books that include words along with the pictures. If there is not an adult around to read to her, she occasionally makes up her own story to go along with the pictures.

As I was thinking about children’s books, I was reminded of how important illustrations are to attract and keep a kid’s attention. I realized that ties right in with one of my greatest challenges in photography and the one question that goes through my head as I scroll through images that I capture on a daily basis.

Do my images tell a story on their own?

My honest response would have to be “No, not always“. To my disappointment, sometimes words are necessary and that is due to my own failing or lapse of attention. As part of my resolve in striving to remain focused on improving my photography, I am challenging myself to post a Wordless Wednesday image every week.

26 responses to “A Story Without Words”

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. 😊

  1. Gorgeous capture. Without words, we’re sometimes forced to use our imagination to come up with the story for ourselves, which can be a meaningful exercise.

    1. So true. Words stretch my brain every time. 😊

Thoughtful words accomplish much.

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