A Rebellious Beauty

Considered an invasive weed by many, the musk thistle is showing off it’s rebellious beauty through the stages of life in its blooms. Thistles and many other wildflowers are plentiful along the forest trails and wetlands of NW Indiana at this time of the year.

Musk Thistle – A Rebellious Beauty

These were captured on one of my hikes this week at the Indiana Dunes National Park’s Great Marsh Trail.

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11 responses to “A Rebellious Beauty”

  1. Stunning. Even if it’s considered an invasive weed, at least it’s pretty.

    1. Thanks and I agree. 😁

  2. Absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. 😊

  3. Perfectly formed symmetry!

    1. Exactly! A detail I would have completely missed before getting into photography. 😊

      1. It pays to look closely! πŸ™‚

  4. Rebellious beauty indeed

    1. Good morning and I am glad you agree, Anita. 😊

    1. Thanks, Christine. Have a wonderful day. 😊

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