Parallel Worlds

Moraine Nature Preserve

Parallel Worlds

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Silent Sunday

10 responses to “Parallel Worlds”

  1. Love the reflection of the trees in the water

    1. Thanks! It was a day of lots of sunshine but little wind so the water was still. A perfect combination. 😊

  2. Masterly shot with the reflections!

    1. Thanks, Indira. It was a perfect day for reflections on the water. 😊

  3. Indeed. Clever.

    1. Thanks! My brain still seems to work occasionallly.

      1. lol. I call it my” thought box” these days. Sometimes things just jump in there.

        1. I love that thought. 😁

  4. Clever title!

    1. Thanks, Eliza. I had used this title once before in a previous post before I redid my entire blog from scratch.

Thoughtful words accomplish much.

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