A Look Back

Taking a look back to bare trees along the Douglas Trail above and Dunbar Beach below – Indiana Dunes National Park.

All photos are my own. ©Pepper Tron/Heaven’s Sunshine
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8 responses to “A Look Back”

  1. Lovely captures. The greyscale works well with the scenery.

    1. Thank you. It is so interesting to experiment with black and white photography to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Have a fun weekend. 😊

  2. Barren and dead trees are among my favorite subjects to photograph. There’s such a solemnity to them, a silent stillness. That shows in these photos. Nicely done! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mike. Bare trees always seem to grab my attention. 😊

  3. 👌👌👌 📷🌹 beautiful composition dear Irene. Yellow or red filters are ideal for such shots 😉😘 Have You a beautiful day🌞📷👀

    1. That is something I can do in photoshop, right? I have photoshop but hardly ever use it. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely give it a try. 😊

      1. 👌📷Yes … but it’s good to have the photo slightly underexposed. 0.3-0.7 EV is enough. Then you apply a filter to the color photo and then you see the result. You will see that you will enjoy it. 💝😘📷

        1. Ah! Very helpful info and sounds like fun. I will definitely experiment with that this coming week. Thank you very much. 😊

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