A Click to Haziness

Apologies to all my followers. Up until yesterday, I had intentionally not allowed email subscribers on my site. Last night, I decided to try turning on the Jetpack subscibers button. I did not realize that by doing that, all my followers were switched to subscribers. Contacted WP to see if I could change that and was told that I had to delete everyone first. I absolutely do not want anyone inundated with emails every time I post so I am more than willing to do that and have people follow again if you’d like. As I scrolled to my now “subscribers”, I realized that everyone is still listed as a follower under their name. I am so confused. Are you followers or subscribers? I don’t know.

A little change was all it took to take my brain into a fog – a click to haziness. No worries. After thinking about it, I decided to check a few things first before making any more changes. One post was scheduled to go live last night after I made the Jetpack change “Moments of Radiance“. Wondering if any of my followers got emails about it. Would you please let me know if you received an email notification about that post and this one as well? It is not my intention to bore you with emails that you don’t want and will not hesitate to change things on my end if necessary.

Your help is much appreciated in bringing my brain back to clarity and figuring out exactly how Jetpack is working. Have a great day in the world of blogging.

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15 responses to “A Click to Haziness”

  1. I’m still seeing your posts in Reader. I also received an email, but I typically receive emails too. I think I’m both a follower and subscriber? I’m not sure what the difference is. But I probably signed up for everything 🙂

    1. Good to know. As a follower, you can choose to receive emails or not. Feel free to unclick for emails if you’d rather not get them. 😉

  2. Not getting any emails from you but in the Reader’s section of WordPress app, your post is appearing with an external link, which opens separately within the app.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. According to WP, that is what is supposed to happen to improve SEO. We will see about that. 😊

  3. I didn’t get an email, this post was in the WP Reader per usual.

    1. Thank you! So glad I waited before deleting everybody. I definitely want to spam people with emails. 😜

  4. Thank You, nothing has changed for me.

    1. I am glad of that. 😊

  5. OK, I’m seeing this post on the Reader. Didn’t checked my email recently.

    1. Thanks, Hammad. It seems that it hasn’t changed anything other than subscribers and followers being grouped together on my end. Please let me know if you start getting unwanted emails from my site. 😊

  6. I always thought that followers were the same as subscribers?

    1. My understanding has been that only people who were WP users could follow another WP user. Anyone else could subscribe to get updates through email. A “follower” can also choose to receive email updates which then basically makes it the same. My concern was that followers would start getting bombarded with emails they didn’t want. Doesn’t seem like that is tha case and I am very glad. 😊

  7. I didn’t get an email. Maggie

    1. Yay! I think all is well then. 😁

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